Service Dog Pass FAQs

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ADA mandates access with no ID or paperwork requirement, however our credential allows easier entry and use of any participating venue by assuring the business that your dog is a legitimate service dog – well behaved, properly trained, and is up to date on vaccinations. By providing your Service Dog Pass ID number, showing your Service Dog Pass ID, or QR code on your smartphone, assures businesses and the public that your dog is legitimate, and you can rest assured that you can enjoy your outing without being questioned about the validity of your service dog.

Service Dog Pass is an authoritative nationally recognized credentialing program with partners across various industries. Our credential can be presented in any venue you wish to visit, while allowing you peace of mind and assuring the business your service dog is appropriately trained and vaccinated.

Our credential is completely voluntary, and our focus will remain on education. While we will promote our program and hope it makes access and travel less of a burden for those who use a service dog, we will educate our partners that those without our credential still have the same rights as those who do.

Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance. Your information will be securely stored in our database, with your disability/medical information never being shared with any partners who accept or implement our credential into their business operations. The only information that participating locations will see is whether you have a valid credential.

Service Dog Pass is a very extensive program of coordination, evaluator recruitment and training, continuing education, technology, and much more which makes evaluations pricey. However, we are pleased to say that we can subsidize the cost so that individuals will only pay $20/test.

Service Dog Pass cannot be bought and is earned through rigorous testing. The value of Service Dog Pass is that only service dog teams who complete our application, supply the necessary documentation, and successfully pass an in-person test with an approved Service Dog Pass evaluator receive the credential.

Additional questions? Please contact:

Mikki Larkin
Program Manager, Service Dog Pass