About Us

The American Service Dog Access Coalition is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all persons with disabilities, ensuring that service dogs are welcome in all public venues, and increasing the confidence of the general public in the legitimacy and value of service dogs.

We are a nonprofit, charitable coalition comprising service dog organizations, experts in legal and regulatory affairs, canine registry and credentialing members of the travel and tourism industry, dog behavior and health and welfare experts. Our vision is to open the world more fully to persons with disabilities by making travel with service dogs frictionless.

The Service Dog Pass credential is earned, not bought. After supplying necessary documentation, applicant teams are evaluated by an approved Service Dog Pass evaluator. Evaluations demonstrate high standards for behavior and obedience and performance of individually trained tasks that mitigate the user’s disability(ies).

We welcome partners who share this vision – please reach out if you’re interested in talking with us, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Leadership

Paul Mundell

Executive director

Sheila Goffe

Board Chair

Rory Diamond

secretary & treasurer

Christopher Sweetwood

board member

Jeremiah Blocker

Board vice chair