Service Dog Pass™

Making travel, transportation and entertainment easier and more streamlined for service dog users and venue providers alike.

Service Dog Pass is an opt-in solution that prioritizes users’ privacy. No health or disability related information is shared with the business or venue provider. For venues such as airlines, where specific documentation can be legally required, Service Dog Pass can automatically generate the required documents.


A smart option for organizations and venues

Provides businesses with a secure and reliable means to admit service dog users to an event, venue, or other location.

Allows instant verification that a service dog user seeking admittance has a legitimate service dog and that the dog is current on all required vaccinations.

Provides a flexible solution, with verification that comports with the access laws governing the particular venue where access is sought.

How does ASDAC Service Dog Pass work?

For service dog users who obtain their dog from a participating provider organization, enrollment in Service Dog Pass is automatic. For those who have obtained their dog from another organization, privately trained, or self-trained, the in-person test will be required with an approved Service Dog Pass evaluator.

The service dog user receives an ID card and can load the Service Dog Pass credential into their phone via our app.

Participating venues can check the service dog user’s credential at their point of entry, or it can be entered into the user’s profile during booking.

With the Service Dog Pass, the American Service Dog Access Coalition has introduced the nation’s first authoritative credential that provides users of highly trained service dogs with an easier, more convenient way to travel and access venues such as airline flights, hotels, concerts, restaurants and transportation. At the same time, businesses can trust that teams registered with Service Dog Pass have met the criteria for service dogs and necessary public health requirements, saving them worry, time and effort.